Natalie Maranto
Senior Game Design Major
Creative Writing and WGS Minor
Game Design Playable Portfolio
Beyond Solace
Beyond Solace is a 2D twin-stick shooter where you explore the hostile ruins of a alien planet.
Co-devolved with Madalyn Podman and Charles Bolt

Siege is a strategy board game where you must lead a siege engine to the other players castle

Co-developed with Jesse Cashmere and Leah Jorgensen

Criminal Callout

Criminal Callout is a card game where players need to try to pin a murder on the other players!

Co-developed with Charli Kerr
Suited Hero's Tabletop
A Tabletop RPG based around the genre of Tokusatsu
Shattered Shards
Co-developed by a team of 5
Co-Designer, Co-Level Designer, Lead Writer, Lead Sound Designer
Disaster Golf (WIP)
Developed by a team of 30
Disaster Designer